The Association of Manitoba Community Pastures has secured several successful partnerships that make new investments into the Community Pastures and advance the environment, health, and forage quality of the lands.  Our partnerships highlight the numerous benefits of well-managed prairie grazing lands as we jointly invest in monitoring the health and diversity of the pasture program. 

Conservation Trust

Thanks to Manitoba Conservation Trust grant funding, administered by the Manitoba Habitat Conservancy, AMCP has completed range management improvements throughout Manitoba's Community Pastures, as well as range health assessments and land management planning.  Support from the Trust has been integral to advancing environmental stewardship priorities.  From 2019 to 2023, the Conservation Trust and match funding partners, have committed over $1.4 million for numerous investments throughout the Community Pasture network: over 26 miles of fencing, over 100 water source improvements, 70 cattle crossings, and brush management controls. 

In 2024, the Conservation Trust has approved AMCP for up to $275,000 in grant funding for projects that improve grazing management: enhanced water systems,

livestock crossings, fencing, and brush management controls. Read more here:

Conservation Trust Funding - AMCP 2024 237.8KB

Manitoba Habitat Conservancy is pleased to partner with the Association of Manitoba Community Pastures to support nature-based approaches to climate change. The Conservation Trust is a Manitoba Climate and Green Plan Initiative, administered by MHC.  Further details about MHC's support and partnership with AMCP can be found in their 2022 release here:

MHHC 2022 Trust - AMCP Funding Release 107.9KB

Canadian Prairies Prescribed Fire Exchange

AMCP is a member of the Canadian Prairies Prescribed Fire Exchange (CPPFE), an inter-agency collective established to increase capacity for knowledge sharing and training surrounding the use of prescribed fire as a management tool in Canadian prairie and parkland ecosystems. Prescribed burns help to manage brush encroachment, renew forage for livestock, support grassland diversity and improve habitat for wildlife.

Federal-Provincial Funding Support

From 2014 to 2022, AMCP received funding support under the Canada-Manitoba government agricultural partnership initiatives - Growing Forward 2 and the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP).   Thanks to this support AMCP has transitioned the community pasture program, implemented a variety of projects across the pasture system, notably a brush management program, completed Environmental Farms Plans for all Pastures, and made investments in forage and pasture quality improvements.   

Growing Forward 2 funding supported a report led by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) detailing the Ecological Goods & Services of AMCP Community Pastures, worth over $13 million a year.  Read more here:

2018 IISD full report, The Social and Environmental Benefits of Manitoba Community Pastures.pdf 1.5MB
AMCP press release March 15 2018 297.3KB