Our staff use established range management practices and principles to ensure strong forage supply and to deliver the environmental benefits of healthy pasture lands. Well-managed grazing lands deliver a number of benefits healthy forage production and resiliency during drought years, create conditions for species-at-risk habitats, biodiversity, healthy soils and good water quality.

The Province of Manitoba recognized the benefits of livestock production to the environment when it awarded AMCP the 2017 Environmental Sustainability Award for its range management practices and support for Manitoba’s cattle industry and rural communities.   All AMCP Community Pastures have certified Environmental Farm Plans.  

AMCP is also a member of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Experienced staff are in place to ensure:

 -  The right balance between forage supply and the number of livestock in the Community Pastures.  Proper use is            supported by range health assessments, annual stocking rate reports, monitoring livestock use and making ongoing        adjustments;

 -  Use of salt/mineral, water placement, trails and riding for better distribution of cattle throughout fields.

 -  Flexible rotational grazing practices promote the growth, rest and recovery of the forage supply.