Every year over 40,000 cattle and horses owned by over 350 producers graze on Manitoba community pastures.

Advantages include:

·                  Great program for younger producers with smaller herds

·                  Animal care provided

·                  Fence repair included

·                  Staffed by experienced riders and managers

·                  Producer-managed

AMCP was fortunate to retain most of the former PFRA employees who have considerable years experience in animal husbandry, sustainable land management and operating community pastures.

AMCP operates the following community pastures: Alonsa, Bield, Birch River, Cote-San Clara, Ellice-Archie, Ethelbert, Gardenton, Langford, Lenswood, Libau, McCreary, Mulvihill, Narcisse, Pansy, Spy Hill-Ellice, Sylvan-Dale, Turtle Mountain, and Wallace.

Applications for the 2020 grazing season are available.   Deposit, grazing and sundry fees will be announced at a later date.

2020 AMCP Grazing Application

Application for Grazing 2020.pdf 209.7KB

2019 Grazing fees

·           75 cents/day for yearling cattle, mature cows, bulls, mares, stallions.* Minimum 100 days.

·           Calves: $40/head walk in and pasture born (Seasonal fee).

Important Dates

November 1 – Grazing application for the following year is due

By end of January – Letters sent to Patrons informing them of their allocation with request for deposit

February 28 – deposits are due

May 21 – June 15 – Livestock taken in

October 1 – 30 – Livestock taken out and final payments due.  Cattle can be withdrawn earlier, a minimum 100 days grazing charge will be applied.


AMCP does not supply bulls.  Bulls must be supplied by the patrons or rented from another patron.